Emergency Response Subscription Service

Russell Springs Fire Department enacted a fee schedule for responding to calls and a subscription service to help offset the costs involved in responding to calls outside of the city limits. This subscription service began in July, 2008. If you are in any other fire district other than the Russell Springs Fire Department district, this does not apply to you.

How it works:

Within the city limits – If a fire/emergency call within the City of Russell Springs fire district results in a loss that will be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy, a commercial insurance policy, or a vehicle insurance policy and the homeowner, business owner or vehicle owner is a taxpayer within the city limits of Russell Springs, a bill will be sent to the owner’s insurance company. If the claim is denied, the owner will not be liable for the charges.

Outside the city limits – If a fire/emergency call within the City of Russell Springs fire district is outside the city limits and the homeowner, business owner or vehicle owner is not a subscriber, a bill WILL BE SENT DIRECTLY TO THE PROPERTY

OWNER. The property owner is then responsible to pay the bill promptly and seek reimbursement from their insurance carrier, if applicable.

Subscribing is voluntary. Your support by being a subscriber really helps fund the day to day operation of your fire department, so we do ask for your support. It is, however, not mandatory that you subscribe – we will respond to all calls regardless of whether you subscribe or not. If you do not want any out of pocket expenses though, an active subscription will keep the charges away.

Annual Subscription Rates: Residential properties-

  • Under 3000 Square feet………………… $35.00
  • Over 3000 Square feet …………………. $50.00
  • Commercial properties …………………….. $100.00
  • Non-Profit …………………………………………… $ 50.00

Payments for the subscription service can be made in person at the Municipal Center or they can be mailed to:

City Hall
PO Box 247
Russell Springs, KY. 42642
Attn, Fire Subscription Service

Billing Rates: (all charges are per incident)

  • Fire Supression Rate 1 $500.00: Car fires and small fires requiring smoke ejection (up to 2 hours on scene).
  • Fire Supression Rate 2 $1000.00: Structure fires and fires with on scene time up to 2 hours.
  • Rescue Rate 1 $300.00: Motor vehicle collisions where the vehicle is stabilized, hand tools were used for extracation and/or standby time awaiting tow truck.
  • Rescue Rate 2 $750.00: Motor vehicle collisions requiring the use of “Jaws Of Life”, high angle rescues and special rescues with extended time on scene.
  • HazMat Rate 1 $300.00: Spiils requiring use of absorbents and containment equipment (less than 10 gallons) and other supplies.
  • HazMat Rate 2 $750.00: Spill response requiring extended time on scene and use of absorbants for spills over 10 gallons and other supplies.
  • Automatic Fire Alarm Response 1 $100.00: Fire units dispatched and then recalled prior to arrival on scene due to a false alarm.
  • Automatic Fire Alarm Response 2 $300.00: Fire units dispatched, arrive on scene and investigate (up to 2 hours).
  • Hourly Rate for major incidents or standby time (one hour minimum charge):
    Engine or Tanker ………. $150.00 per hour
    Brush Truck …………….. $100.00 per hour

Additional hourly charges may be incurred for incidents lasting over 2 hours.