The Russell Springs Police Department issue parking tickets

The citations may be paid in the Office of the Police Department at 487 Main Street or mailed with copy of the citation to City of Russell Springs P.O. Box 247 Russell Springs, KY 42642. Checks need to be made payable to “City of Russell Springs”.

Failure to comply with the citations within fourteen (14) days will result in the fine being doubled. Failure to pay within 30 days will result in a citation to Russell District Court. If convicted in District Court there will be an additional court cost of up to $100.00 or more.

*The registered owner of a vehicle at the time of the violation shall be liable for all fines.

Parking Fines

Double Parking $15.00
Parking upon a sidewalk $15.00
Block a ramp for persons with disabilities $50.00
Parking in an area prohibited by official signs $15.00
Parking adjacent to a yellow painted curb $15.00
Improper parking in an area designated for persons with disabilities $50.00
Parking within 6’ of any fire hydrant $25.00
Parking adjacent to a designated fire zone or red painted curb $25.00
Parking in a manner which blocks driveway $15.00
Failure to display handicap permit if parked in handicap space (unless proof is shown) $50.00

Fee’s subject to change without notice